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Aikuma Japanese Dyes

Yamamomo Shibuki (Bayberry barkchips)

Yamamomo Shibuki (Bayberry barkchips)

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Amount used
Half to the same weight as the fabric

It is about 5 meters tall and blooms in spring. In summer, it produces fruits, which are sweet and edible. The bark has been used as a dye in Japan since the Nara era (710-794). In the Edo era (1603-1867), a fermented extract of the bark was called "Shibuki," and was used to dye yellow or brown.

Dyeing method
The liquid for dyeing is made by boiling it in hot water (over 80℃) for 20 minutes four times. To extract a thicker, please boil the dye in alkaline water and to extract a bright yellow color, please extract it in acidic water. The dye is then applied in hot water at 40-60°C for 10 minutes.

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