Collection: Japanese Indigo

Our Japanese indigo is special.

This is because we have provided high-quality indigo since 1818.
Many artists or craftsmen in Japan or other countries use our indigo.
Our special products are the following items.

 ①Sukumo Indigo (Natural)

This is made in Japan, Tokushima prefecture. Tokushima is famous for producing indigo historically. Many artists all over the world are surprised by the quality of Sukumo. 

②Japanese Indigo (Dried / Natural)

A lot of Japanese craftsmen use this item!
This makes clothes brilliant blue.
Indigo symbolizes Japan like the words "JAPAN BLUE".

 ③YAMATO INDIGO (for beginner / Natural blended)

We invented it in 1984.  You can dye with only water and vinegar.
It is used in many schools to educate Japanese tradition.
YAMATO INDIGO is one of the most famous indigo in Japan.

 Special options

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#3: This video explains how to do easy Shibori
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