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Aikuma dye stuff

Sukumo indigo (Made in Japan)

Sukumo indigo (Made in Japan)

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Amount used
3 times the weight of the fabric

Sukumo indigo is made in Tokushima prefecture in Japan traditionally. Making Sukumo indigo process is hard and it takes 3 months. After drying and grinding the leaves of indigo, the craftsmen of Sukumo have to remove the stems and water them. In addition, to let them ferment the leaves should be mixed well. This is a message from a Sukumo indigo farmer in Tokushima prefecture.

Dyeing method
Reduce it with hydro sulfite or other types of alkaline such as Oaktree ash

Key Points
Natural indigo has a tendency not to dye deeply because of chlorine in the water. Therefore, the water which makes indigo liquid is appropriate for the following.
・Pumping (about half a day in sunlight, at least 24 hours indoors)
・Boiling (boil for at least 10 minutes)
The water used for oxidizing or fixing doesn’t need to be them. 
The amount of water used for oxidation/color fixing during dyeing depends on the weight of the fabric to be dyed. Please prepare 30~40 times the weight of the fabric.

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