Katanori - Paste Resist Workshop


Duration: 3 hours (AM/PM)
Price: 13,000 JPY / person
Teacher: Morito Yamazaki

This workshop will let you know the basic skills of paste resist dyeing with stencils. So, you can learn how to make Katanori (Rice paste resist) and how to put it on the stencil papers. After that you can do Katazome with indigo.

The difficulty of this workshop is to make Katanori from rice flour and rice bran, and to put paste resist by Japanese spatulas.


Teacher - Morito Yamazaki

Mr. Yamazaki  is a professional botanical dyer and owner of a dyeing studio called "Kusakiya" located in Gunma prefecture. His grandfather was famous as a dyer who revived botanical dyeing in Japan and his Katazome works are very popular in Japan. If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.



45 min - Introduction and Lecture
・Learning what is paste resist and choosing stencils 
・Making Katanori including using steamers
・Explaining the recipe of Katanori

45 min - Workshop①
・Putting paste resit on the stencil papers and fabric
・While drying it, we will give you Q&A session 
・Making indigo vat

35 min - Workshop②
・Dyeing the fabric with indigo
・Washing and removing the paste

15 min -  Feedback and ending
・Let's take a picture with your fabric

If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.


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