What is and how to get Noren Curtain

Noren - a symbol of "entrance"

Noren is a kind of curtain that has been used in Japan traditionally indoors or outdoors. The purpose of using Noren is so various such as preventing sunlight or symbolizing the entrance of a shop or restaurant. 

However, the main effect of Noren is making people feel ready. For example, Japanese people are thinking that they can enjoy sophisticated cuisine when entering Noren into a restaurant. In other words, Noren is not a wall or not a door. This is because you can see the inside landscape. 

This kind of object is many in Japan. The most popular example is Torii, which is a kind of gate of a Japanese shrine. When we get into the shrine using Torii, the landscape is not changed but feels something ready or sacred.

How to get your own Noren

① Purchasing our Noren dyeing kit

Our Noren dyeing kit for beginners includes Japanse Noren cloth, our YAMATO INDIGO, and a Noren-making instruction. You can make your own Noren and express the depth of indigo color.

On the other hand, our Noren dyeing kit for experts includes Japanse Noren cloth, our YAMATO INDIGO, Katanori (paste resist), Debabera (wood spatula), Katagami (stencil paper), cutter knife, and a Noren-making instruction. So, you can make your own design Noren.

The price is 7000 JPY (for beginners) and 15000 JPY (for experts).
This is an affordable option than buying professional Noren.

② Importing professional Noren from Japan

This is a special offer. Since some of our customers are Noren craftsmen, we can broker your Noren order. There are two types of ordering. You will choose ready-made Noren or your custom-made Noren.

The price is up to the complexity of the patterns but normally ready-made Noren is about 40,000 JPY (including the shipping fee) and custom-made Noren is about 120,000 JPY (including the shipping fee).

If you are a restaurant owner, this is my recommendation for you. This is because Noren is the "face" of a restaurant, so displaying Noren which is professionally dyed will give your restaurant a sophisticated look.

Please turn in this Google form if you want to get professional Noren. It takes longer time but I believe the Noren will be your treasure.


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