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Aikuma dye stuff

Suoh (Sappan wood chips)

Suoh (Sappan wood chips)

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Amount used
Same weight as the fabric

A 10-meter tall tree is distributed in the tropics. The core wood contains the red pigment brazilain (the origin of the word "Brazil"), which gives it a bright red color, but its fastness to sunlight is rather low. It was introduced to Japan before the Nara period (710-794), and the color dyed by Myouban (Alum) mordant dyeing was prized as the "Suho color" (蘇芳色), the second noblest color after purple.

Dyeing method
Dyeing in an acid bath may result in a lighter color. Boil in boiling water with 10㏄ of vinegar for 15 minutes and strain before use.

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