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Aikuma dye stuff

Katagami N (CP-10) - Chemical paper

Katagami N (CP-10) - Chemical paper

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54cm x 30cm x 3: 1800 JPY
54cm x 90cm (called "Haccho-ban") x 1: 3400 JPY

※Katagami will be arriving from us around the 18th of Jan.


・54 x 90cm (called "Haccho-ban") costs more because of the additional shipping fee.
・Synthetic cutting pattern paper for the stencil.
・Resist water, non-elastic.
・Use only Tetoron Gauze as the reinforcement fabric sticking back of it to prevent the stencil papers from tearing. How to attach the Gauze to Katagami is explained here.
・You can learn how to carve Katagami in this workshop.

※If you want ready-carved Katagami, please check out this product.

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