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Aikuma Japanese Dyes

Japanese Paper (Washi) for dye

Japanese Paper (Washi) for dye

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Japanese paper called "Washi (和紙)" is normally hard to dye because of its coating.
However, this special Washi can be suitable for dyeing.
Especially, dyeing with Kakishibu brush dyeing (引染) or indigo dip-dyeing (浸染) will make it super beautiful. Not suitable for Katazome.
This paper is made by craftsmen in Saitama prefecture (north of Tokyo) with a traditional papermaking method called "Tesuki (手漉き)."

・Middle: 45cm x 30cm
・Large: 45cm x 60cm
・The price of a piece of paper is 350 JPY (M) and 600 JPY (L).

Please note that devil's tongue starch paste is not attached and may tear if soaked in dye for more than 3 minutes.

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