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Aikuma Japanese Dyes

Enjyu (Japanese pagoda tree buds)

Enjyu (Japanese pagoda tree buds)

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Amount used
Quarter as the weight of the fabric

The tree has been in Japan for a long time and is frequently seen as a roadside tree in Japan. It grows 15-25 m tall and blooms from summer to fall with pale yellow flowers. The flowers, berries, and leaves are all used medicinally, and the flowers have been used as a yellow dye since ancient times. Today we use the buds as a dye. Enjyu is more sunlight resistant than Kihada and Kuchinashi.

Dyeing method
The dye turns a deep, beautiful color with aluminum mordant. Note that using too much dye may result in a lighter color. Please repeat the process of boiling the dye in boiling water for 15 minutes four times. It is also possible to dye green by layering dyes with indigo.

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