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Aikuma dye stuff

Shinshi (10 pieces) - Middle size

Shinshi (10 pieces) - Middle size

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Some Shinshi (fine)
 - Length 44cm x the diameter 3.8mm.

Some Shinshi (mid)
 - Length 44cm x the diameter 4.5mm.

Some Shinshi (thick)
 - Length 44cm x the diameter 5.4mm. 

 Half-yard Shinshi
 - Length 51cm x the diameter 4.5mm.

Momen Shinshi (fine)
 - Length 40cm x the diameter 3.8mm.

 Momen Shinshi (thick)
 - Length 40cm x the diameter 4.5mm.


Shinshi is a bamboo stick with needles attached on both sides and used to stretch side to side or diagonally the width of the fabric. 

It needs about 10% longer than the width of the fabric because it is used by bending from the back side of the fabric.

Stretching and hanging the fabric is a traditional process of Katazome for evenly dyeing or sizing. Kinubari Shinshi has to be used for only silk cloth.



・The needles are made of stainless steel so please be careful when using them.
・They might be out of stock because they are handmade items.
・If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.
・You can learn how to use this item at the Hikizome workshop.

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