Botanical Katazome Workshop


Duration: 6 hours (AM/PM)
Price: 20,000 JPY / person
Teacher: Tatehiko Yamazaki


Kusaki-Zome is a Japanese style traditional botanical dyeing. This full-day workshop is focusing on the basic method and theory of Kusakizome.
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Teacher - Tatehiko Yamazaki

Born 1958 in Takasaki, Gunma. His great-grandfather was Akira Yamazaki, the founder of  "Kusaki-Zome." He currently runs a studio called "草木染伝習所" and is engaged in creative activities while seeking a form of herbi-style dyeing rooted in the local climateIf you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.




30 min - Introduction and Prepare
Introducing the teacher, the tools and the dyes. Then, the teacher will tell you how the workshop will be.

90 min - Carving the stencil paper
Four copies of the pattern are pasted onto four sheets of stencil, which are then carved into molds.

60 min - Making dye liquid 

Boiling the botanical dyes according to the season and making the Lac-dye liquid, Koganebana liquid, and indigo (pigment) liquid. 

60 min - Dyeing and Surikomi
Dye the cloth with the botanical dye. This is called base dyeing and the dyed cloth is pasted onto a board with Surikomi using lac-dye, Sumi ink, indigo pigments, and the roots of baicalensis.

60 min - Finish
Use aluminum mordant: soak in 0.2% dry alum solution for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse in water and dry. Photos will be taken and a question and answer session will be held with the teacher after that.

Please answer the form, if you are interested.

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