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Aikuma dye stuff

Resisting Wax (for Japanese batik Roketsu dyeing)

Resisting Wax (for Japanese batik Roketsu dyeing)

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Roketsu is a kind of indigo dyeing that uses wax called "Ro" (蝋) in Japanese in order to make a pattern on an indigo-dyed fabric since the wax prevents the fabric from dyeing and leaves it white. This is Aikuma's unique eco-friendly anti-dyeing wax. Conventionally, waxes used for dyeing are removed with harmful solvents but this wax can be removed by washing in cold water and washing in hot water of around 70℃ with laundry detergent after dyeing.

How to use it
(1) Melt the wax with heat using a wax melter or stainless steel bowl. Use an electric stove and avoid melting wax over an open flame, as wax burns.
(2) Draw patterns with the wax brush using the melted wax solution. When the wax dries, move on to dyeing. When fisting the waxed area with your hand, you can create an interesting cracked pattern.
(3) Soak the waxed fabric lightly in warm water (20°C~30°C) before dyeing and dye the fabric with indigo dye.
(4) Wash it in cold water, then rinse it in hot water (70°C) with laundry detergent to remove the wax. Repeat this process once or twice.
(5) After rinsing in water, the wax will float on the surface of the container, so scoop it out with a tea strainer, wrap it in a newspaper, and discard it.

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