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Aikuma dye stuff

Nakagane - Brass attachment for Tsutsugawa

Nakagane - Brass attachment for Tsutsugawa

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#3 - Length: 10mm
#4 - Length: 13mm
#5 - Length: 15mm
#6 - Length: 18mm
#7 - Length: 23mm
#8 - Length: 25mm


・A brass attachment for "Tsutsugawa" and use with "Sakigane".
・Put the "Nakagane" in the "Tsutsugawa" and attach the"Sakigane" from the outside to use it.


・Please refer to this size chart when buying it with Tsutsugawa and Nakagane.
・There might be some different in the length.
・The longer the length, the higher the number.
・If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.

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