Hikizome Workshop


Duration: 3 hours (AM/PM)
Price: 13,000 JPY / person
Teacher: Jiro Saida
Here is the video introduction of this workshop

Hikizome (引染め) is a brush-dyeing process to dye the entire fabric evenly with this Hikibake (引刷毛) brush and is used in the dyeing process of Kimonos or Tenugui handkerchief. It is a dyeing method where the fabric is dyed uniformly or with a blurred expression. In this workshop, we will use botanical dyes and basic methods of Hikizome, and you can get beautiful Tenugui dyed by the teacher.


Teacher - Jiro Saida

Mr. Saida, who is the owner of his studio named "Tourokuya" in Saitama, started his career as a craftsman in 1998. He learned Hikizome, botanical dyeing and Sumi-ink painting. He has exhibited in most of the popular department stores in Tokyo. If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.




20 min - Introduction
・Introducing Hikizome methods and the tools
・Learning Japanese botanical dyes

80 min - Lecture and workshop
・Explaining how to use Shinshi and Hariki
・Watching Hikizome by Mr. Saida
・Learning how to use Hikibake (with water)

50 min - Adding patterns with indigo
・Using indigo pigments and adding some patterns
・Introducing the basic methods of Sumi-ink painting

15 min -  Feedback and ending
・Let's take a picture with your Tenugui
・Q&A session

If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.


    1-5-1 kaminarimon,taitou-ku,Tokyo,111-0034,Japan