Yuzen Workshop - Basic


Duration: 3 hours (AM/PM)
Price: 13,000 JPY / person
Teacher: Takayuki Kato

Have you ever heard of Yuzen? If you don't know about Yuzen well, please check here. Yuzen method uses Tsutsugawa in this picture to put on resist paste like a tool squeezing whipped cream. Yuzen method has a long history, but nowadays the number of craftsmen who specialize in Yuzen has reduced but we think the method has to survive for the next generations. In this workshop, you will learn the overview and mehods of Yuzen, and finally try to make your own handkercheif with the methods.

Teacher - Takayuki Kato

Mr. Kato normally makes Kimonos for Kabuki and he was in charge of Kimono making at an exhibition in the Nagano Olympics in 1994. The kimono in this picture is the one he made for the Olympics. His kimono is very beautiful and of course, his Yuzen skills are sophisticated. If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.



20 min - Introductio and Lecture
・Introducing Yuzen's history and Yuzen methods
・Introducing the kimonos Mr Kato made

60 min - Lecture
・Explaining how to use Yuzen tools
・Making draft with Aibana liquid
・Putting resist paste with Tsutsu cone shape

60 min - Workshop
・Coloring with Yuzen colors
・Drying and washing

30 min -  Feedback and ending
・Let's take a picture with your handkerchief
・Q&A session

If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.


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