Hikizome Workshop (Intensive)


Duration: 6 hours (AM/PM)
Price: 20,000 JPY / person
Teacher: Jiro Saida

You can learn professional Hikizome methods with popular craftsman Saida. This full-day workshop will let you know how to use Hikibake brush to make gradation (blurred patterns) called Bokashi and how to do make botanical dyes liquid for Hikizome. If you are interested in it, please answer the form.


Teacher - Jiro Saida

Mr. Saida, who is the owner of his studio named "Tourokuya" in Saitama, started his career as a craftsman in 1998. He learned Hikizome, botanical dyeing and Sumi-ink painting. He has exhibited in most of the popular department stores in Tokyo. If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.




15 min - Introduction
・Introducing Hikizome methods and the tools
・Learning Japanese botanical dyes

15 min - Preparing
・Explaining how to make dyes liquid from Enjyu and Yasyadama
・Explaining how to do Ji-ire

90 min -  Sekidashi - Adding patterns with indigo pigments
・Using rice paste resist and Tsutsugawa along Aobana draft
・Try to use Hikiko after putting the paste resist


120 min - Lecture of Hikizome
・Trying to do Hikizome with Hikibake brush for many times
・Do Hikizome with Ji-ire liquid, dye liquid, and mordant liquid
・You can also learn about mordant
・Learning how to use Shinshi and Hariki

45 min -  Adding patterns with indigo pigments
・Using brushes and paint the inside area of Sekidashi
・Making indigo pigments liquid with soy juice

15 min -  Feedback and ending
・Let's take a picture with your Tenugui
・Q&A session

If you are interested, please notify us through this Google Form.



    1-5-1 kaminarimon,taitou-ku,Tokyo,111-0034,Japan