How to make Katanori (Rice paste resist) ?

How to make Katanori (Rice paste resist) ?


Katanori is a paste resist for stencil dyeing which has been used over 1,000 years. Katanori is made from Mochiko (rice powder) and Komon-nuka (rice bran). Making Katanori is actually not difficult, so today I will explain it.


How to make it?

First, please prepare Mochiko and Komon-nuka. Mochiko include glucose and it makes Katanori stick to the surface of cloth. Komon-nuka gives Katanori thickness and makes it easier to paint the cloth. Komon-nuka is not normal Nuka (rice bran) because it is defatted.

Secong, please mix Mochiko and Komon-nuka. Then the ratio of Mochiko and Komon-nuka is 4:6 or 5:5 and put hot water (2 times the weight of Mochiko) into it. After that, please knead, make into thumb-sized pieces and steam it for 30 mins. We recommend using this Japanese steamer for the steaming process.

Finally, after steaming, all you have to do is crush strongly the thumb-sized pieces of Katanori by Surikogi stick and put hot water into them. Some people add hydrated lime into Katanori but it is not necessary. When Katanori has ideal viscosity, it is finished!

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I have both of these materials and I would like to try this technique. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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