How to botanical-dye with cotton and line?

How to botanical-dye with cotton and line?

What you need

1) Fabric to be dyed
2) Botanical dyes in the same weight as the fabric to be dyed
3) Enough water to soak the fabric to be dyed 
4) Bowls and pots 
5) Colander (Filter cloth is also good)
6) Mordant
7) Scale
8) Measuring cup


You need to do pre-processes, when you try to do botanical dyeing for cotton or linen clothes. You can learn about the pre-processes here.
After that, please do the following processes!


① Making dyeing liquid
Put the botanical dye and water in a bowl and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium. Boil for about 30 minutes. Place a colander into another bowl. Strain that liquid using it, and then the dye liquid is ready.

② Using mordant
In a separate bowl from the dyeing liquid, put water and boil it at about 40°C. Put the mordant and the dyed fabric in the bowl and soak for 20~30 minutes, then wash lightly with water.

③ Dyeing
Put the fabric mordanted in ② into the dyeing liquid in ①, and dye at 80°C for 20~30 minutes. Finally, rinse in cold water and hang dry to complete the process.


・The remaining dyes can be used to obtain a second and third dye liquid.
・The amount of each dye and mordant to be used is detailed on each product page.



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