How to make aizuri-e?

How to make aizuri-e?


In the Edo era, many Ukiyo-e was created with Japanese indigo color stick pigments. This method was called Aizuri-e (藍摺り絵).

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Then, this Aizuri uses Hon-Aibou (本藍棒), a stick-type indigo color pigment, but they are a bit difficult to set up, but you can use it without special tools.

The outline of the use is making Gojiru (呉汁: Soy liquid) and mixing the stick into the liquid.

Making Gojiru

You need to prepare 5g of soy flour and dissolve it in 100g of cold water.
Then, leave it to stand overnight. After that, please strain the liquid through a cloth.

Mixing the stick and dye!

a) Press and stir the stick to solute it in the liquid.
*I recommend you prepare 3 or 4 types of liquid according to the color's depth.
b) Enjoy dyeing with the liquid!

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