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Aikuma Japanese Dyes

Shikon (Gromwell)

Shikon (Gromwell)

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Amount used
About the same weight or twice as much as the fabric

The root of Murasaki, a perennial herb found in Japan, China, and the Amur region, is called Shikon (purple root). Designated as an endangered species in Japan, the root contains a purple pigment called shikonin. Purple was historically prized as a rare purple pigment, the highest on the Twelve Steps of the Crown. Fastness to sunlight is rather weak.

Dyeing method
Soak in methanol or ethanol at room temperature overnight, strain through a cloth, and dilute with water. Although suitable for aluminum mordant dyeing, the dye is at 60-70°C because the dye changes at high temperatures. Alkaline treatment (5% soda ash solution or lye) after dyeing gives a bluish-purple color.

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