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Aikuma dye stuff

Japanese kakishibu (Persimmon powder)

Japanese kakishibu (Persimmon powder)

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Amount used
Deep color: 100 g / 1 liter of water
Medium color: 50 g / 1 liter of water
Light color: 30 g / 1 liter of water

This is persimmon powder and dye fabric with orange-brown. Kakishibu has been used as a Japanese dye for over 800 years when it came from China. Because of its antiseptic and waterproofing properties, it is also used to coat Shibugami, or Japanese traditional stencil paper. Its main ingredient is tannin.

Dyeing method
Kakishibu liquid is made by the following process.

1. Please put warm water into Kakishibu powder
2. Please stir it softly for 3 mins.
3. Please leave it stand for 3-4 hours.
4. And then dye it using brushes or bristles.

Both dip-dyeing (浸染) and bristle-dyeing (引き染) are done at room temperature. Please note that wrinkles in the cloth when drying will cause unevenness.
Dyeing has to be repeated after drying. Exposure to sunlight will deepen the color.
When you try bristle-dyeing (引き染), we recommend using special bristles called Hikibake (引刷毛) for it.

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