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Dyeing professionals.

The products' quality makes us the No.1 dyestuffs store in Tokyo. If you have any trouble with our products, we refund the payment. We also want you to check out our workshops.


Made in Japan.

All indigo, tools, and clothes are made in Japan. Our factory invented many unique products which make dyeing easier or more beautiful such as the easist indigo dye kits called YAMATO INDIGO set.

Made in JPN

Special recommend ①

Best 6 selections of Japanese
traditional dyes - Kariyasu, Suoh, Shikon, Binrouji, Dokoppi, and Kihada.

Traditional Dyes Set

Special recommend ②

Kakishibu has been used as a Japanese dye for over 800 years and it dyes the fabric with lovely orange-brown.

Kakishibu Powder
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  • Where is Aikuma?

    Aikuma is in Asakusa, a historical city which is famous for Asakusa Kaminari-mon Gate. If you visit Japan, please come and see our shop. We always welcome visitors.

  • Who uses Aikuma in Japan?

    Many Japanese craftsmen use Aikuma. Aikuma is loved not only as a hobby but also as a tool to spread Japanese culture to interested foreigners and young generations.

  • Who established Aikuma?

    The long history of Aikuma started in 1818, when Kumajiro Arai, a medicine vendor from Toyama prefecture established a herbal medicine store in Asakusa.

  • What about the shipping?

    Some areas, such as the UK or EU, may require customs duty or VAT. We choose the cheapest shipping fees for shipments, so it usually takes 7 to 10 days the items to arrive. Please allow plenty of time for your order.


    1-5-1 Kaminarimon, Taito City, Tokyo, 111-0034, Japan