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Aikuma dye stuff

Ukon (turmeric root chips)

Ukon (turmeric root chips)

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Same weight as the dough

Ukon (Turmeric in English) is a medicinal plant native to Tropical Asia. It is currently cultivated mainly in Taiwan, China, and India. It is also sold commercially as a spice used in curry. Ukon-dyed cotton cloth called "Ukon-Momen-Nuno" has been used to wrap and protect paintings, calligraphies, and clothing because of its insect-repellent effect.

Dyeing method
Colors dyed with Ukon are particularly sensitive to sunlight and fade quickly, so dry them indoors in the shade and be careful of indirect light. Boil it in boiling water for 15 minutes and then dye the cloth with the liquid. Using iron mordant, you can get beautiful brown color.

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