What is and how to do Shibori?

What is and how to do Shibori?

Do you know Japanese shibori? This is a Japanese traditional way of dyeing that makes beautiful patterns. If you want to know about it and try to do it, please read this article and watch the video.

Anyway, Shibori is the oldest method in Japanese dyeing as well as Itajime (Using sticks) and Rosome (Using resisting wax) which used since the Nara era (710-793). At that time, Shibori was called 纐纈 (Ko-Kechi). 

So long ago, Japanese craftsmen used Shibori, but after the Muromachi era (1336-1543), the most popular method became Bosen like Yuzen using a rice-paste resist. As a result, Shibori had not become the main method of Japanese dyeing in the Edo era (1603-1867), but nowadays its pattern is more and more popular in the world.

Especially, foreign designers or dyers love Shibori so much, and it makes many Japanese people reminded of the attraction of Shibori. So, we sometimes set up workshops for children and they like Shibori patterns naturally.