How to attach the gauze to the stencil?

How to attach the gauze to the stencil?

What is Shabari (Shahari) ?

The paper pattern (Stencil paper) used for Katazome has to be covered with gauze on the front to prevent tearing when placing the paste resist. (For small Katagami, it is fine not to cover them with gauze.)

This is necessary for fine paper patterns or hollowed-out paper patterns because Shabari makes the stencil stronger.

In general, water-based paint or cashew (western lacquer) is used to adhere to the paper pattern but the easiest way is to use black paint and roller for paint like the photo.

Actually, you don't have to buy expensive water-based paint. The ordinary one which you can buy at a home improvement store or stationery store is enough.

How ro do that?

①Place the stencil paper pattern soaked in water for more than 4 hours, place the gauze on the front side of the paper pattern, and then spray water with a mist spray to stick the gauze on the paper pattern.

②Leave it for 15 minutes while spraying water with a mist to prevent it from drying out and after that please remove water by dabbing it with a towel. The gauze will turn white as the water is removed.

③Apply the black paint by moving the roller in the direction of the warp of the cloth from the center of the paper pattern to the top and from the center to the bottom.

⑤Place the paper pattern on a piece of newspaper and tap it lightly with the brush to knock excess paint off the newspaper. Repeat 3~4 times by changing the newspaper.

⑥Cut away the gauze that has come off the pattern and you are finishing the Shabari processes. Thanks for reading this article.