Mixing indigo with other botanicals!

Mixing indigo with other botanicals!


Hi! I’m Yuta from Aikuma Japanese dyes. Today, I want to introduce how to mix indigo and other botanicals in order to make sophisticated colors. Maybe you thought indigo is simply used only as it is. However, Japanese have used indigo not only as main dyes but also bases of some colors. In other words, indigo has played an important role in under-dyeing (also known as base dyeing).



For example, 檳榔子黒 (Betel nut black) is a noble black color with bluish tones. Betel nut black is known as the color of the highest quality black dyeing and is dyed with betel nut with indigo as the under-dye. It is also considered to be the most luxurious color for Kimono. So, let’s check out how to mix some botanicals with indigo as under-dye in terms of making rich colors!


Mixing indigo with other botanicals!

①檳榔子黒 from Binrouji has nice heaviness.

Cochineal seems to have nice harmony with indigo.

Kariyasu makes dark green with indigo.

④We can make light green with dried indigo and Enjyu.

Yamamomo will add super-nice elegance into indigo blue.

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Dear Catherine San
Thank you so much!

Yuta from Aikuma

This was an interesting article. I am going to try cochineal!


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